About Us

About Us

Byi Byi began when our founder noticed a huge gap between what users wanted from tech support and what they got. Instead of accepting the methods of tech support already in existence, we created a brand-new way to do tech support – one centered on the user.

Our Vision

We started with an app that provides comprehensive technical support for any and every device on the market. Our goal was to give mobile users answers to their problems – even if they didn’t know what their problems were. Soon, we realized Byi Byi could completely revolutionize the way the world sees tech support.

Instead of starting on the desktop and adapting to mobility, our company is based completely on the mobile experience. This means our users enjoy an app built on the principles of mobile use – an app that anticipates user needs and intuitively responds to them. Our customers use mobile. Why wouldn’t we build a company that does the same? It’s the 21st century. Mobile users deserve mobile solutions.

Our Core Values

From day one, Byi Byi has been about the customer. We saw a need for instant, expert tech advice empowered by mobility and self-service, and we filled it. We understand our users’ appetite to fix problems on their own and provided an immediately accessible solution. From the way our app responds to your touch to the personalized customer service you receive from our dedicated technicians, Byi Byi is for you, and it always will be.

Become a Part of History

The men and women who partner with Byi Byi enjoy 100% income earning flexibility. We take BYOD (bring your own device) to a whole new level – your device is your workplace. We love supporting people with a passion for technology by giving them a new way to earn money. If you want to be a part of a significant shift from the physical-world business model to a powerful digital model, let us be your guide.

When you become a tech advisor at Byi Byi, you’re on the cusp of discovering what happens when true mobility meets user-centric core values. Join us in our journey toward the future of tech support. Become a leader in customer support technology. Become a Byi Byi tech advisor.