How does Byi Byi work?

After you download the app, we’ll ask you a series of short, qualifying questions to find the underlying cause of your technical issue. Then, we’ll recommend either Diagnose or Service and set you up with your personal tech advisor. Our diagnosis system performs a complete health check on your device, giving you a comprehensive look at your issue. Then, Byi Byi will offer onsite scheduled service, phone call, live video chat with an advisor, or text chat to walk you through system repairs, installations, and anything else you need.

How do I start an account?

Joining Byi Byi is as easy as pushing a button. Download our free app and you can immediately begin to use us for all your tech support needs. Visit our website to learn more about how we operate and the services we offer, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with our company.

How much does Byi Byi cost?

The core of our company goes back to the customer experience, and we deliver on this promise with low-cost tech support services. When you download our free app, you’ll unlock a comprehensive support center. Our services come at a predictable flat rate of $79 per hour. We offer a variety of payment methods for your convenience and promise the best value for the cost on the market.

Why should I choose Byi Byi?

Byi Byi is built on a user-centric foundation, giving you the first tech-support experience to bundle video chat, text chat, remote support, and onsite support in one comprehensive solution. We’re the first tech support group to prioritize mobility and user experience, and these core values shine in every facet of our company. When you use Byi Byi, you’ll enjoy a tech-support platform that lets you self-serve your own solutions using our expertise as a guide.

What makes Byi Byi different from other Tech Support companies?

Unlike typical tech support infrastructures like GeekSquad, Byi Byi isn’t based on the physical world business model. We’ve said goodbye to traditional, fragmented tech support with no mobile strategy or presence. Instead, we embrace our users’ affinity for mobile technology and self-serve tech support, leveraging the digital medium to offer instant gratification to users through the power of mobile. What does this mean for you? Highly flexible, personalized tech support at the push of a button.

Byi Byi is the first and only tech support company to grant total freedom to users to decide when, how, and where they receive support. Whether you prefer to text with a tech advisor, speak over the phone, stream a live video chat, or set up an in-person, onsite repair service, you can do it in seconds. You can access Byi Byi from virtually any device and receive user-friendly, expert tech support immediately.

How do I become a Tech Advisor for Byi Byi?

If you’re interested in a career that offers total workplace flexibility and unlimited earning potential as an independent contractor, register with Byi Byi today. Once you provide the necessary documents and information, we’ll confirm if we’re a good fit for you and let you know if you’ve been approved. From there, create your own schedule and start earning immediately. It’s that easy!

Contact Customer Support

If you need help downloading the app, navigating our services, applying to become a tech advisor, or with virtually any other question or concern, contact customer support by calling 1-888-540-7738.

We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding our company, our values, our methods, how we operate, and more. Our number one goal is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Help us meet this target by asking us any questions you have to optimize your tech support experience using Byi Byi.