How It Works

Requesting service with Byi Byi is a cinch—here’s how it works:

  1. Get tech help at the click of a button.

    With Byi Byi, you can diagnose your problem, ask for advice, or get service or repair, which would could involve preventative maintenance, installation, setup, or fixing an issue. Tech Advisors are prepared to help you in the way that works best for you – phone call, text chat, or video chat. From there, we can recommend and deliver solutions that satisfy all your needs.

  2. Tell us how we can assist you.

    We guide you through the description process. All you have to do is choose from the lists that we provide, and we can begin to sort through your issue. It begins with a simply drop-down list of possible devices with which you may need diagnosis. Once we’ve gotten some basic information, we can talk you through the next phase. Byi Byi matches you with an expert who understands the complexities of your issue.

  3. When you're ready, start your tech support service request.

    Though you choose the best way to connect with, we do offer a recommendation of the best option for communicating how to resolve the difficulty. We explain the issue and give you both a time estimate and estimate of cost, along with options for support in the event that our recommendation isn’t the best one for you. You have options to use video chat, talk on the phone, text chat or schedule an in-home or in-office visit with a Tech Advisor who will explain their technical diagnosis and/or resolution in a clear and understandable way.

  4. You will be matched with a verified and highly skilled technologists.

    We never want you to be waiting around or guessing about our arrival or phone time. Because of that, we keep you updated on each step until we find a resolution. Keep in mind that you will be paired with a tech advisor who is proficient with your particular issue. Our technologists handle a variety of tech issues, including: installation and setup, troubleshooting and optimization, as well as recommendations and clear solutions. You have complete mobility and a team of tech experts at your fingertips. Customer service is our primary goal, and with our app, we can keep you in the loop in real time, throughout the process.

  5. Share your experience and provide anonymous feedback.

    Because we care about the customer experience, we want to hear about how your service went throughout the process. Clarity is crucial to service, and we aim for you to understand us from the first contact to the final receipt. On it, we break down the prices for our services and explain what you are paying for. After receiving a clear service receipt with all pertinent information broken down, you can rate your advisor, as well as add further comments about your experience.